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Here are some photos of the Coulsonite (Fe2+V3+2O4) mineral samples.
I originally got a total of four pieces of different size and consistence, which all came with name cards / COAs from the MRC. (The fact sheet from photo 5 is from
I once again include the photo Clark Gregg posted, just because it’s beyond awesome and should I ever get the chance to meet him in person, this is the picture I would maybe ask him to sign (then again, I probably wouldn’t dare.).

Full mission report coming up when I have some more time on my hands. 


One of the great birthday presents just arrived from Vienna and the incomparable AgentJ aka @ChaosNDisaster #MineralsAreGoodForYou {x}

I keep getting messages and questions, and people still seem to think it’s just a joke, a pun.   

— But guys, it’s real!

Coulsonite IS a recognized mineral, classified as *rare* by the Mineralogical Society, and what Clark is holding here is a genuine sample it took me months to get my hands on. [Info and scientific data can be found here and here (or just google it). I will also be posting all I have on it later.]

I had the best time scrolling through the comments on this picture, and before I go and write the full-length post about the whole story (as I have wanted to for weeks now but hadn’t had the time) complete with lots of really lame geology puns and pics, I just want to say a few things for now, some amusing facts that add to the bigger picture:

1) The material was geologically re-defined in 1962, which might not be Coulson’s birth year, but it is Clark Gregg’s - a fact that I found irresistibly hilarious.

2) One of the elements in Coulsonite is Vanadium, named after Vanadís, another name for the Norse goddess Freyja - a lovely “Asgardian” touch. (Still remember the Asgardian Healing Stones from the Thor deleted scene? I couldn’t help thinking of that.)

Warning: I might annoy the hell out of everyone with this for a while, forgive me. It’s been quite an exciting mission to provide this “solid proof that Coulson rocks”, I’ve been working on it since 2012, so please allow me to squee over this for a bit here? (No more rock puns, though. Promised.) Now go and have a gneiss day… oh, shoot. :))

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Some Hawkeye, for a change. He’s part of a larger composition I made for my friend roseskye13 last week. It was originally supposed to be something more elaborate, but as I ultimately rushed it in a single evening, it turned into a wild mix of pencil and tablet with an  unfinished look (because it is, in fact, just that). The complete thing has some colour splashes, but as it goes with a story, I leave that to my friend to share at some later point. :)

In case anyone else out there wasn’t certain yet, ChaosNDisaster is an awesome person and deserves all your love and admiration. :) 


Dear jesus.

I saw this play. It was AMAZING. Not in the actual theatre but I went to one of the NT Live broadcasts at the cinema. You get to see him actually THEY ACTUALLY HAVE HIM SHOWER ON STAGE TO WASH THAT OFF!!! He doesn’t get naked or anything, in fact, he has a skin tight leotard on which the costume maker sewed the scars he received in battle, but it’s still amazing, and his THIGHS during that whole performance were massively distracting. 

Oh, did I say that it was also a FUCKING PHENOMENAL PERFORMANCE? 

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Black Coffee with a Shot of Romance - A Dash of Pepper (ch. 4)


Authors Notes:  Chapter 4 has been updated!!!

Written by: TheScarletAvenger and Roseskye13

Summary:  Darcy’s in New York City, working as a barista in a coffee shop while trying to put her life back together after dropping out of college. One brisk fall day, a certain SHIELD agent walks into the shop … and into her heart. An Avengers Coffee Shop AU.

I am so glad someone screen capped this! I saw it on my phone in the twitter app this morning so I know it was legit but when I went back at the end of the day it looked like all the tweets were deleted.

There was one more from the Avengers account at the end which said “now now boys…” Hilarious!

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Tom Hiddleston IS AMAZING!!!!!

Oh my god, I’ve just come back from seeing Tom Hiddleston play the lead role in Coriolanus in London. I went to see it aired live at the local cinema thanks to NTLive, and it was AMAZEBALLS!!!!! 

I mean, I knew the guy is a phenomenal actor, but this is the first time I’ve seen him in do Shakespeare and the level of intensity and the portrayal of such a deeply flawed man left me breathless.

And on the totally shallow end of my reaction, his things were incredibly distracting and at one point HE SHOWERS ON STAGE!!! 

Ugh. I am devastated  by that performance. At the end, when he begins to weep silently listening to his mother’s monologue… Devastated in all ways, I tell you.

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